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As a passionate and a graduate in finance, I am very attracted by time series analysis. As everyone well knows, there are two main types of financial markets analysis: technical and fundamental analysis. The two of them have general concepts and concrete definitions, but every analyst uses them on its own way. Both, fundamental and technical analysis, are subjective to every individual and depend on how we think it is the best way to interpret the information we receive from different sources. If, for the fundamental analysis, we have many sources of official and concrete information, for the technical analysis the source is only one: the chart. But differently than the fundamental analysis, the chartists can use the information they have immediately, when the fundamentalists needs a longer period for the confirmation of their suppositions. Both of them are good and I don’t want to give any credit to the first or to the second one, but what I would like to develop and to share with you here is the chart art. Charts are same for everyone, but everyone reads them differently. Depending on the chartist’s talent, he can predict in a short timing where the price will be tomorrow or in the next few hours, or even minutes. The chart prediction works because everyone reads the charts the same and differently, at the same time. It is exactly because of this why I said the “chart art” before. Doing technical analysis implies to be a good student and to understand the technical indicators, but more than that a good chartist is a talented one. In fact, I would put it among gambling, talent and intelligence. Because every chartist analysis is unique and everyone has its own strategy which works more or less well, I feel free to share with you guys, my strategies, experience and performance. I will focus more on technical analysis, as you could guess from what I said previously, but I will include also other types of analysis and computer tricks than could interest any of you. I cannot promise that I will post on a regular basis, but I will do my best to keep you interested. I am not perfect and I don’t say my strategy is the best one, so feel free to comment. Any feedback is welcome.

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